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Services at Lakewood

Rehabilitation Services
At Lakewood we pride ourselves on having more private rooms than any other provider of rehabilitation and post-operative care services in the region. Our inclusive family care development meetings ensure that you and your family are part of every decision as we guide you through the process of getting home as soon as safely possible.

You’ll be comforted by the same face during the screening, intake and welcome process. Our family-friendly transition services will ensure that all of your questions are answered in a way that you will easily understand. As well, in-house social services, mental health services, and non-denominational chaplaincy services put important everyday needs under one roof. [more]

Long Term Care
At Lakewood we understand that making a decision about the long term care needs for a loved one can be extremely difficult. In speaking with people just like you, we understand that safety, a home-like environment, and affordability are some of your top concerns. Our licensed & certified caring staff provide 24-hour world class long term care with a personal touch. As a “zero deficiencies” long term care facility (as measured by state and local resources), our commitment to safety is well known as the benchmark others strive for regarding long term care in Maine. [more]

Skilled Nursing
As one of the premier skilled nursing facilities in Maine, Lakewood takes great pride in the outcomes of all of our residents. Inclusive family care development meetings ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you are an active participant in every skilled nursing decision. We understand that there is a natural fear of losing control over the care of your loved one. Our focus on patient’s rights and choices are designed so that throughout the course of the skilled nursing journey all stakeholders feel like they have actually gained more control over the care process as well as the outcomes. [more]

Dementia and Alzheimer's Care
Lakewood is a premier provider of Alzheimer’s care and dementia care in Maine. One of the most powerful features of our Moonlight Bay wing at Lakewood involves the personalized activities we develop for each resident. Dementia is a frequent symptom of Alzheimer’s disease and requires a high degree of personalized adaptation so that each resident has the highest degree of meaningful interaction with staff and family. [more]

Hospice Care
Hospice Care is available in our facility. Experienced and compassionate Lakewood staff work with local Hospice Nurses to provide and coordinate your care with respect and dignity for your and your family.

Physical Therapy
This is a rehabilitation specialty program that works closely with the individuals to help them improve their functional abilities. Treatments may include flexibility and strengthening exercises, gait training, balance activities, safety with transfers, and pain management techniques. [more]

Occupational Therapy
This rehabilitation specialty helps individuals work on activities essential to daily living. The goal is to assist the individual in regaining these abilities while encouraging independence. [more]

"We really can't say enough about the quality service you provide the residents in your care...

"you really gave our mother an 'at home feeling'."

"You have touched our hearts in many ways, we can't thank you enough. Your attention to detail and genuine concern for people, both resident's and family members was above and beyond excellence. You will be forever in our hearts and memories."

"When we visited we would notice the staff at Lakewood was so caring and professional in their duties and quality of work. It gave us a good feeling that our mother is in good hands when we couldn't be there. You definitely exceeded our expectations!"

~ Family of Annette P.