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Skilled Nursing

As one of the premier skilled nursing facilities in Maine, Lakewood takes great pride in the outcomes of all of our residents. Inclusive family care development meetings ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you are an active participant in every skilled nursing decision. We understand that there is a natural fear of losing control over the care of your loved one. Our focus on patient’s rights and choices are designed so that throughout the course of the skilled nursing journey all stakeholders feel like they have actually gained more control over the care process as well as the outcomes.

With in-house social services, caring transition teams, and overnight apartment for friends and family, Lakewood has gone the extra mile to eliminate fears and provide a home-like atmosphere for the people you care the most about. We are a premier skilled nursing facility in Maine.

Our licensed and certified staff also understands that pre-existing physical or mental health conditions are often a consideration when planning for skilled nursing services. Our in-house mental health services, social services, and transition services will ensure that the highest levels of dignity are maintained throughout the skilled nursing process.

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The Lakewood Difference:

  • Inclusive Family Care Development Meetings
  • In-House Social Services
  • Licensed / Certified Staff
  • Transition Services
  • 24-hour Care
  • Choices & Patient Rights
  • In-House Mental Health Services
  • Diverse Activities
  • Truly Caring Staff
  • Overnight Apartment for Family / Friends